In partnership with the Organization of Senior Administrators in Companies and under the title:

Socio-economic pluralism: Challenges for administrators in the era of ‘Diversity’

The first joint conference of the Arab Economic Forum and the Organization of Administrators took place on Monday, 17.12.18, at the Stock Exchange Hall in Tel Aviv, between the hours of 09:00-12:30.

The program included representation of the Arab community of businessmen, professionals and academics to speak before senior officials in decision-making centers about the importance of ethnic diversity for economic development.

The conference was opened by Prof. Yossi Gross, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Organization of Administrators in Israel, and Dr. Sami Meari, Lecturer at Tel Aviv University and General Manager (Founder) of the Arab Economic Forum, Accountancy Iris Shtarak, President of the Accountants Association in Israel. Subsequently, the following lectures were given:

The Stock Exchange as an Engine for the Socio-Economic Development of Business in Arab Society – Lior Navon, Sales Manager at the Stock Exchange in Tel Aviv.
Responsibility of administrators and those with high positions in the business world and ways to face crises – Attorney Gilad Katz, Partner, Lawyers’ Office Sh. Horowitz, and associates.
Challenges of managing financial risks in Israeli society – Prof. Leo Lederman, economic advisor at the Workers’ Bank.
The Experience of Arab and Jewish Women in Administrative Positions – Dr. Maha Sabah-Karkabi, director of research at the Arab Economic Forum.

The lectures were followed by a session entitled “The Impact of Pluralism in Administrative Positions in Decision-Making Centers on Arab Society and the Israeli Economy in General”. The session was moderated by Attorney Naveh Sobrisky, Co-Director of the Forum for Women Administrators Leading Change. The participants in the session are Issa Khoury, a businessman and board member of the Arab Economic Forum. Nabil Totari, director, guide and responsible for development projects in the Arab community. Accountant Eman Zoabi, member of the Nazareth Branch Committee of the Association of Accountants. Attorney d. Mahdi Naamneh, legal advisor, Al-Mashhadawi Group. Attorney Avigale Castiel, partner and director of the real estate department at the Law Firm LLC. Horowicz and associates.

It is worth mentioning that the Arab Economic Forum is an independent, non-profit research center (association) for scientific and applied research specialized in socio-economic issues and policies in the Palestinian Arab community in Israel. The importance and distinction of this center lies in its specialization in studying economic and social issues and their repercussions on the Palestinian Arab society, as well as in its ability to support the work strategies of decision makers that would contribute to facing the economic and social dilemmas and challenges faced by the Palestinian Arab community in Israel. Recently.

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