B. Amir Khoury. Researcher and lecturer at the Faculty of Law, Tel Aviv University

In this research, B. Amir Khoury The impact of patent provisions on inventors-operators, that is, those who work for an interest that operates (“service inventions”).

B. Khoury believes that a different model should be adopted – in the field of “service inventions” – than the model currently used in the patent law. He believes that the current approved arrangement (in the patent law) results in actual discrimination between inventors (despite the formal equality it applies in the labor market).

B. Khoury believes that the model used in academic institutions in Israel is the best model, as it grants direct partnership in the profits and returns from the invention. Thus, what is required is the adoption of the model used in academic institutions, in public law, that is, in the private sector as a whole.

The Arab Economic Forum publishes a new study by Professor Amir Khoury (Faculty of Law, Tel Aviv University), which re-examines the service invention regime in patent law in the private sector. In his study, Prof. Khoury calls for the adoption of the service inventions model practiced in Israeli academia (inventions at universities in research institutions) and which guarantees inventors a substantial share of the royalties related to the invention they invented. Prof. Khoury believes that by adopting the model used in academia in the patent law, equality will be achieved between inventors in the private sector as well. Prof. Amir Khoury calls for the patent law to be amended in accordance with these findings.

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