The initiative to direct Arab interests in the Corona crisis

In view of the prevailing economic situation in the country and in view of the lack of clarity surrounding the period that will follow the end of the Corona crisis, the Forum is working on field activities and trying to implement them in several places, including:

  • Establishing an economic-professional committee to serve Arab commercial interests at the initiative of the Arab Economic Forum and the country’s auditors’ union in light of the current crisis. The Arab Economic Forum and the country’s auditors union establish a professional committee to serve Arab business interests. In light of the current economic conditions and the ambiguity in the economic conditions that surround the following period, it was decided to establish a professional economic committee that includes a group of professional specialists from major economic institutions. Presenting a strategic recovery plan that would contribute to dealing with the economic crisis for Arab commercial interests during the Corona crisis period and beyond. In addition to all this, the committee will establish a data bank on which a group of researchers and professionals in the economic and financial fields will be based.
  • The Arab Economic Forum has launched a dedicated website through which it is possible to fill out a form that monitors the needs of the applicants, as well as a joining form for experts who wish to join the Experts Center, which aims to accompany business consultancy seekers. The website will also provide information and publish recommendations in Arabic that will be published by the Economic Professional Committee. Website link:
  • Preparing an assistance program for stakeholders and families in the Arab community in Israel who have been affected economically by the repercussions of the Corona crisis.
  • Providing assistance to small and medium businesses during the corona crisis. Program objective: Exposing Arab companies for professional advice in light of the Corona crisis, and supporting and assisting companies in recovery and return to achieving economic growth.