Arab-Jewish Business Forum

The Jewish-Arab Business Forum was established and is run by the Arab Economic Forum, a Jewish-Arab partner group, and businessmen from the Jewish and Arab community in Israel.

Vision and goals

  • That Israel be an open arena for all its citizens to practice economic, commercial and professional activity so that everyone has equal rights, Jews and Arabs alike.
  • Achieving economic equality and bridging the gaps between the citizens of the country and their local communities, as this constitutes a lever for economic growth and increases productivity for the entire economy.
  • The common aspiration of all Israeli citizens is to live in peace, prosperity and well-being with cooperation and integration among all segments of society.
  • Commercial relations, the creation of working relations and cooperation, and the reduction of gaps between the various business sectors will contribute to strengthening the Israeli economy in general and the economy of the various segments of the population in society, and to building active relations between the participants.
  • Participation and professional and personal interaction between Jews and Arabs would enhance commonalities between the communities and people living together in Israel through the pursuit of common interest and cooperation in business.
  • Professional support, guidance, and upgrading the work standards followed in different businesses to an international level that will lead to more economic growth and dialogue that brings together and eliminates differences, reduces gaps, and builds bridges between different business communities.
  • Cooperation in fields: facilitating access to government aid, infrastructure, availability of financing, technologies and marketing, will contribute to accelerated development of businesses and fruitful interaction between societies.

content and software

The objectives will be achieved, among others, by:

  • Holding meetings for discussions, getting to know each other, and exploiting the possibilities of joint work. There will be meetings according to different branches of trade and industry, or according to professional specialization.
  • Establish groups and work teams specialized in developing and addressing specific issues, including professional development, dissemination of knowledge, and promotion of joint business activities.