Arab businessmen and women club

The Arab Businessmen and Women’s Club is one of the most important projects and initiatives of the Arab Economic Forum, so that the Arab Economic Forum constitutes a professional and research umbrella for Arab businessmen and entrepreneurs.
The Arab Businessmen and Women Club seeks to create interaction and strengthen ties, cooperation and coordination between Arab businessmen and women in various economic sectors within the framework of the goal of Arab economic integration, through various projects and activities supervised by experts and specialists from the Arab Economic Forum.

Club goals

  • Increasing the volume of production and the Arab economy from its current levels, discussing programs and mechanisms that achieve this, and developing practical solutions that help remove obstacles in order to enhance Arab economic action.
  • Establishing joint ventures that take into account the competitive advantages of the various resources in the business sectors within the Arab society.
  • Developing a common public opinion of Arab businessmen in economic affairs, proposing solutions to the issues facing them, and defending their interests, whether before state institutions or financial institutions.
  • Providing services and consultations to businessmen in order to develop their business in various sectors.
  • Represent and involve them in local and international events and forums.

Membership features

  • Participate in the activities of the Economic Forum such as conferences, workshops and training courses
  • Access to research, reports and vital databases that the Forum is constantly developing
  • Obtaining special discounts on the activities funded by the Economic Forum and the services of partners accredited to the Forum.
  • Obtaining special discounts on the activities funded by the Economic Forum and the services of partners accredited to the Forum.
  • Excellence in representing the Arab private business sector in local and international activities during official delegations and missions.

How to join

The Arab Economic Forum invites businessmen and women to join the club by registering in the special membership form, and then confirming the membership after completing the personal information and the details of the company or institution that the member represents.
Affiliation has a nominal cost that contributes to enhancing the joint work of the club and the forum.

We are glad you joined

Please fill in the details in the form to receive your membership request, as you will be contacted and notified of the completion of the process.

The registration representative will request personal information and the information of your company or organization that you represent to be added to the club’s database. Then your membership in the Arab Businessmen and Women Club will be officially confirmed.

We are pleased that you join the club and take advantage of the benefits of membership to serve you and serve the interest of your business

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