“It is time for us to pay attention to our economic issues.” The first Arab Economic Conference will be held on Tuesday
The conference will be held on Tuesday, November 12, at the Golden Crown Hotel in Nazareth at 9:30, and it will discuss many societal issues and show them with numbers and data.

The Arab Economic Forum, an independent, non-profit research center, in cooperation with Globes, the most important economic newspaper in the country, is holding a conference on economic development in the Arab community: strategic vision and future challenges, with the aim of raising public awareness, among decision makers in particular, by presenting data related to the economic situation of the Arab population.

During the conference, barriers to economic growth will be enumerated and ways to improve the economic situation of the Arab population will be proposed. The conference will serve as a gateway for cooperation and the presentation of joint projects for the bodies whose representatives will participate in the conference. This cooperation would generate policies aimed at improving economic growth in the Arab community.

The conference will host many political, economic and social figures, who will in turn discuss many societal issues within their competence, and show them with figures and data. Among the issues that will be raised at the conference are demographic changes and their impact on economic growth, the housing crisis, budgets allocated to local authorities, poverty, unemployment and crime.

In a comment to him, Dr. Sami Miari, founder of the Arab Economic Forum, emphasized the importance of addressing our economic issues, which have great merit in shaping our current reality. He said:

“The time has come for us to turn to our economic issues, whose importance and impact we are completely ignorant of even in other areas of our daily life. Today, the economy can influence many social and political phenomena, so we must study and read our economic situation well in order to be able to address other phenomena in our society.”

Dr.. Maha Karkabi Sabah, Director of the Research Unit at the Arab Economic Forum, expressed her optimism that this type of conference would raise awareness about the social and economic crises we have been facing in recent years, and thus address them. She said:

“Despite the social and economic changes that we have gone through, there are still wide gaps in various fields that determine the nature and scope of economic growth in the Arab society, gaps in employment, wages, budgets, development programs for local authorities, and others. in the form of mass governmental authoritarian bodies to address them.”

It is noteworthy that the conference will be held next Tuesday, November 12, at the Golden Crown Hotel, Nazareth, between the hours of 9:30-15:00. With the participation of 400 people, including representatives of government ministries, heads of local authorities, representatives of local authorities, representatives of employment programs, businessmen and women, civil society institutions, decision-makers, academics, and representatives of trade unions.

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