A great success for the Businessmen Conference in Sakhnin, which was organized by the Arab Economic Forum within the joint activities with the Stock Exchange, the Securities Authority, Deloitte, the largest company in the world in the field of professional services, which includes more than 263 thousand employees and is represented by Mr. Mohamed Hibi, the law firm of Fisher – Pachar, which is the largest office in Israel in the field of securities, and the organization of boards of directors in companies.

Veranda Restaurant in Sakhnin, the venue of the conference, witnessed a unique event, as for the first time, such a professional level of people with specializations and expertise met in the Arab community, which is concerned with developing partnerships that would push the Arab economy forward at all levels. The meeting was moderated by Dr. Sami Miari, a lecturer in economics at the University of Oxford, and Dr. Maha Karkabi Sabbah, a researcher and lecturer in the field of economics at Israeli universities.

The meeting was opened by the Mayor of Sakhnin, Dr. Safwat Abu Raya, who welcomed the attendees and invited businessmen to invest economically in this city because it is a fertile land for investment. The auditor also spoke, Nir Zeklinsky, Co-Director and Founder of the Organization of Boards of Directors in Israeli Companies, and Mr. Nabil Totori, Director of Arab Community Events at Bank Hapoalim.

Mr. Itai Ben Zeev, General Manager of the Stock Exchange, delivered a lecture entitled “The Stock Exchange is a lever for the growth of Arab companies. Auditor Muhammad Hibi, member of the Board of Directors, Associate Director of Deloitte Nazareth Office, delivered a lecture entitled “From a Family Company to a Public Company”, and then came a lecture by Lawyer Shawni Elbek, Fischer Bakhar Office, Hen Wall, Orion and Partners about managing a public partnership company. . The lecture of Mrs. Anat Jawatah, Head of the Securities Authority, came about the stock market as a means to produce value. The conference concluded with a discussion among the participants, where several questions raised by Arab businessmen were answered

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