The advocacy campaign led by the Forum, and the pressures it exerted on decision-makers, resulted in postponing the ratification of the law and returning it to the Finance Committee for further deliberations. It is noteworthy that the Arab Economic Forum sent a detailed letter to the chairman and members of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, including many reservations and deliberate practical proposals that take into account the cultural and religious specificities of Arab society in the matter of saving and possessing cash in homes, in order to prevent the ratification of an unjust law that would have exposed many people. In the Arab community of legal accountability, even though they have collected their money in a legal way.

Commenting on this achievement, Dr. Sami Miari, Chairman of the Forum, stated: “We prevented the enactment of this unjust law, in cooperation with a group of Arab Knesset members, and we hope that the Finance Committee will take into account, in its future deliberations on the law, the reality and specificities of the Arab public, and amend the law in this spirit. And to provide the audience with a transitional stage that enables them to gradually prepare for the new reality. I hereby express my appreciation and thanks to the deputies who responded to us quickly and effectively, and made great efforts to achieve this achievement, namely: Dr. Ahmed Al-Tibi, Aida Touma, Iman Khatib, and Hamad Ammar.”

Lawyer Fayyad Tmeish, a member of the Board of Directors of the Forum, also commented on this achievement by saying: The talk is about an unjust law that criminalizes the possession of cash acquired by legal means, without giving practical or actual solutions to citizens to save or invest this money. The proposed law obliges citizens to get rid of cash from their homes without requiring banking institutions to receive or deposit this money, and without taking into account the privacy of Arab citizens, some of whom do not deal with banks for religious or other legal reasons. The forum will seek – God willing – to actively participate in drafting the proposed law, so that it is compatible with the specificities of the Arab sector, or to drop it completely.”

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Attorney Fayyad Tmeish, member of the Board of Directors of the Forum

Omar Fendi is an accountant
And a member of the Economic Forum

Dr.. Sami Miari

President of the Arab Economic Forum, tel

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