Established a professional economic committee comprising a group of professional specialists from senior economic institutions at the initiative of the Arab Economic Forum – Center for Economic Policy Research and Strategic Planning for Arab Society – and the Association of Auditors in the country.

The work of this committee was launched during a comprehensive initiative to deal with the Corona crisis under the title “The Economic Initiative to Serve Arab Interests.”

The work of the committee is concentrated through: providing financial and economic advice to Arab commercial interests, providing and facilitating access to accurate information that serves commercial interests, putting forward a strategic recovery plan that contributes to dealing with the economic crisis for Arab commercial interests during the Corona crisis period and beyond. In addition to all this, the committee will establish a bank of information on which a group of researchers and professionals in the economic and financial fields will be based.

The initiative has also launched its own website, which includes a questionnaire on the interests’ needs, a consultation request form, and a form to join the Economic Committee for all those who wish to do so.

The site will also serve to provide and facilitate access to information in Arabic, and the committee’s recommendations and analyzes will be published on it.

Initiative website address:

Title of the Arab Interests Needs Survey:

Participate in the committee:

Prof. Refaat Azzam – Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya

Iman Zoabi – Auditor, member of the Central Committee and Honorary Treasurer of the Auditors Syndicate.

Osama Hassan – Head of the Accountants Syndicate, Nazareth branch

Ronen Levovich – Financial advisor and strategist

Dr.. Nayef Khalidi – economic advisor

Khaled Hassan – economic advisor for commercial interests

Eyal Sharabi – Accountant and Lecturer at Ono College

Mohamed Hibi – Auditor at Deloitte

Iyad Sununu – PhD student in economics at the University of Haifa

Fayyad Tmeish – Attorney in the field of commercial law in the office of Fischer Bachar, Hen Wall Orion and Partners (FBCandCo)

Khalil Shawahneh – Consultant in Entrepreneurship and Technological Transformation Strategies

Omar Fendi – auditor and economic advisor

Raoufa Nassar – Account Controller and Insurance Agent

Jadaan Bitar – financial advisor in the stock exchange

Dr.. Maha Sayah Karkabi – Arab Economic Forum

Dr.. Sami Miari – Lecturer at Tel Aviv University and Oxford and Director General of the Arab Economic Forum

Consultation requests can be submitted by contacting the following numbers, confirming that the service is free:
Dr.. Sami Miari 0547790300
Khaled Hassan 0544967052